Distal Radius Fractures – By Rachel Kelly, OT

The common result after a fall onto an outstretched hand, a distal radius fracture has significant impact on a person’s ability to do basic daily activities as well as return to work and hobbies. Practitioners of Hand Therapy are regularly involved in the management of distal radius fractures to guide rehabilitation and help a return […]

Finger Dislocation Injuries

A finger dislocation is a very common injury and can happen in a flash. Have you or someone you know ever jarred your finger thinking it would get better, and weeks go by, and it is still swollen, painful, restricted in movement or slightly bent or crooked? Well, you may have sprained or dislocated your […]

Send Minor Hand Trauma To Us

To assist with the current pressures on General Practitioners, Medical Centers and Emergency Departments within NSW Hospitals, Bondi Junction Hand Therapy are offering immediate services for minor hand traumas and concerns in addition to our usual work capacity. In the hope to reduce the number of emergency department presentations for minor hand trauma injuries during […]

Volar Plate Injuries

Volar Plate Injuries by Lucille Roberts The volar plate is susceptible to damage when the finger receives a hyperextension force, commonly a result of a ball injury (e.g. basketball, netball). Anatomy: Together with other ligaments it is vital in preventing hyperextension. The Volar Plate forms the floor of the proximal interphalangeal joint (PIPJ), joining the […]

The Little Drummer Boy Has Carpal Tunnel by Hayley McLellan

The silly season is here, a time for family, food and my favourite… Christmas carols! As you are getting cosy to watch the carols by candle light this year, spare a thought for the musicians in the orchestra that have been practicing hard in preparation to entertain us. Whilst most workplaces are winding down, musicians […]

Mallet Fingers

  Mallet Fingers: why do we spend so much time treating this injury? Without proper treatment the injury can not heal properly The fingertip or distal interphalangeal joint (DIPJ) will not be able to straighten An untreated mallet injury can cause long term changes to the finger – Swan Neck Deformity (SND) SND can be […]

Flexor Tendon Injuries in Children – Hannah Munro

Flexor tendon injuries are relatively uncommon in children, especially those who are very young. The mechanism of injury, the size of the anatomical structures, the surgical procedures used to repair them and the therapy protocols used post operatively all vary greatly depending on the age of the child. Limited knowledge exists as to which surgical […]

Handwriting Assessment in School Aged Children – By Hannah Munro

Handwriting is a complex, multifactorial activity involving the interplay between the student, their environment and the demands of the writing task itself. Writing is a medium through which we can communicate and express our creativity therefore a breakdown in any one of these factors can cause difficulties for the student. There are a number of […]

Casting the scaphoid fracture – looking at the research.

Scaphoid fractures are common, accounting for at least 75% carpal fractures (Rhemrev et al., 2011, Alshryda et al., 2012), and usually occur as a consequence of a fall onto an outstretched hand. So scaphoid fractures are frequently seen, can be difficult to diagnose, and may not heal despite management. Rhemrev et al., (2011) reports the […]

Wrist Sprain Rehabilitation – Focus on Proprioception

  The wrist is an incredibly complex and inherently unstable joint whose main functions are: Movement Positioning the hand for function Positioning to make the most of muscle function. Therefore the sense of proprioception is extremely important in a normal pain free wrist and something that needs to be appropriately rehabilitated after injury. Proprioception – […]