Lateral Epicondylitis – Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow is the common term used to describe Lateral Epicondylitis, meaning pain at the attachment of the wrist extensor muscles on the outside of the elbow. While tennis elbow often affects those who play tennis, it also often affects those who do not play tennis.

Pain at the inside of the elbow is referred to as Medial (inside) Epicondylitis or Golfer’s Elbow.


• Repetitive activity
• Overuse
• Sudden increase in activity
• Age (30-50 year olds mostly affected) Symptoms
• Pain or burning sensation on outside of elbow
• Reduced grip strength – may be obvious during hand shaking or using a tool or racquet


Treatment is mostly non-surgical.

• Rests
• Racquet check: smaller heads, looser strings may reduce stress on the forearm
• Medication – non-steroidal anti-inflammatory
• Strengthening
• Ultrasound
• Stretching
• Ice/Heat
• Stretches
• Corticosteroid injections
• Counterforce brace


• Counterforce centred over the affected muscles can help reduce pain.

Activity modification

There are certain occupations and activities that are common cause of tennis elbow. Paying close attention to the elbow and wrist position during problematic activities may help reduce pain. Your therapist will discuss this further with you.